Powerful E bike with 250w reducer.

A New and tested ebike with a 1000watt motor with a reducer to 250watt for australian standards so as to keep the bike below 25kmph.  Like the cargo ebikes that sell for $3200+ This ebike has the power to match these bikes; with a 48volt 20amp lithium battery that gives you 70 to 100 km of battery time with minimal pedal assist. It can be rewired to go offroad at much higher speeds. It comes with all start up accessories and back up service and maitenence. From $1850 drive away.

These bikes pull 550watts going uphill at 15kmph; try doing that with your 250watt motors, thay are only good on level roads.

Each bike has a steel torque brace on both sides to secure the powerful motor to the frame.

$1850…… Reduced to $1250 BUY NOW

email: zerubbabel2012@hotmail.com

Phone Paul: 0404 512 398. Kingaroy. S.E.Qld.


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