Clothing and Merchandise.

Enrich your life in the spirit realm as you wear a thirt of your loyality to Yeshua to a darkened world… and have fun doing it.

A free gift of a [random] “key to the kingdom” on a leather necklace with every T-shirt $29.95 purchase. BUY NOW

Leather Bikie Jacket

Sheepskin Leather Jackets in multiple sizes. (Black-Red-Blue) with a Yeshua’s cut Biker logo. $140.00 BUY NOW


Artworks of the Kingdom. 42 paintings in a colour book to enhance your concepts of our eternal home. $9.95 BUY NOW

72 glossy colour pages of quotes from great people of history and inspirational thoughts.

Devotional Books from Jesus with love. { 1.For troubled times. 2.My King and I. 3.My healing touch. 4. Glimpses of heaven.} $19.95 each. BUY NOW